Twitter Updates for 2007-08-22

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  • just left my dark dungeon and went to the outside! wow what a nice day it is.. #
  • password creator quiz – Elvis’s age should he be alive+surname of the guy who runs apple+the ‘D’ of LED – answers on the back of a tweet #
  • as this twiiter is multiple one way chats not everyone will know the @conoro answered correctly ! so others keep guessing #
  • did twitter add a search feature today? to the right nav box #
  • @lexia Outdoor – Mini Discs – Sony MX20 – Sony 907 microphone – studio spirit folio desk – rode broadcaster mic – produced in Audacity+lame #
  • @lexia we bring clients to and we host our own; we did 2 podcasts for microsoft this year and we host both, #
  • Irish Hospitals Trolley Watch 22/08/2007 Total 157(+3) East Region 87 Rest of Country 70 source: #
  • those who listen will have heard that are on test, tests are ending soon;we are now invite only, invite to follow next tweet #
  • 2 hear follow this link it will auth your current IP as reserved to allow you listen, use may use it often #
  • vanessa aged 10 says "I have 67 emails and twitter emailed 3.12am, how many emails have you got?" 27091 in Gmail I say I say I say #
  • Writing a blog post about rte radio. I may have to edit myself. Strong stuff. Eta 11pm medium sized post. #
  • Howth harbour smells of fish tcp & sewage; the race officer tells me 9 boats are out; (howth sailing & boat club) #

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