Twitter Updates for 2007-08-23

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  • @conn Dora colouring "fill your mochila with it" 579 & 57a #
  • BBC reported 200 million were affected by Skype outage. so why is there never more than 9million logged in? it an always on product aint it? #
  • @deekdeekster the briangreene timezone is 24 hours I dip most from 4-8am which is pacific ocean into asia morning. I do not see 200M #
  • more number worries. british radio is in recovery according to with revenues of £85M, 300 ILR stations, do the maths, 285K? #
  • theres a region of europe called Scandilux – they’re making it up as they go along, i thinks its scandilux really #
  • @deekdeekster yes DJ sept 1st but i’m not podsafe 🙁 #
  • A senior Labour Party source has confirmed party leader Pat Rabbitte is to resign as leader this afternoon #
  • Pat said Labour does not reflect the aspirations of "most of the new middle-class" now we know the problem Labour is not New Labour enough #
  • last on Pat. is it not that there is a prolonged period of low level of struggle in irish society. So Pat moved the party to the right #
  • @robinb no way bio’s have URLs so they would become Spam content for fake follows. Content with URLs & free carriage attacts SPAM #

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