Twitter Updates for 2007-08-21

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  • wondering what a working class version of RTEradio1 wud soundlike; mcguirk & tubridy producers must be on bonus 2 find middle class wannabes #
  • looking for a good configurable blogroll widget for latest wordpress? any candidates? #
  • @DeekDeekster classic! echo 2 doop’ers and @dojodub >> John Cleese podcast #25 is up: Cindy, Mindy, Man … #
  • Irish Hospitals Trolley Watch 21/08/2007 Total 154 East Region 101 Rest of Country 53 source: #
  • rain forest watch out – 4yr old Charlotte has Ubuntu Open Office CTRL-P enter! sussed! dora explorer colouring on demand #
  • "I’d rather be a lake than a swan" sophie aged 7 on wearing or nor wearing a tutu in ballet #
  • watching -we are getting closer! iptv needs opml-kick ass interface, it will be born of the tcp/ip http youtubers frustrated eyes #
  • the IR LED fell out of my Sony TV remote control should i fix? #
  • bad flash back to when i was sync’ing 6210 nokia with Vx palm via IR and a 20" fibre optic patch off mini disc and two blobs of bluetack #
  • @adamcurry should adam curry kill the opml is dated Mon, 29 May 2006 14:32:58 GMT #
  • ABC-Australia‚Äôs digital downloads hit 5 million per month #
  • moving Podcast News Ireland feed for the second time in 3 years via 301 redirect to #

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