Twitter Updates for 2007-08-18

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  • new blog post: atomic video #
  • what will this decade be remembered for? Broad Band Bush Blair Bertie Berlusconi Badghad 9/11 Asian tsunami iPods Chinese growth ???? #
  • @conoro unless you were not the second on the right (from camera) in opencoffee ustream do’in all the talkin’ -yes no trace of cork #
  • Unplugged for 1,45 evan almighty in the filma. I hope mytheatre recordz al jazeera international @ 15:30 #
  • mytheatre records AJI fine if it was progDVB it wud’av died, BloodSweat&Tears is the Gulf version of the TurkishGAMAworkers in Ireland story #
  • allowing negative comments in on my blog. Look if you don’t like twitter turn it off. sorry TURN IT OFF. How? reply with OFF in the txt #
  • @damienmulley better url for online irish radio streams #

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