Twitter Updates for 2007-08-17

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  • ranting about CNN: U suck, Jenna Bush is getting married, no date set u got the story hours after Dallas radio; who cares, people are dying! #
  • girl in customer care in never heard of the email address abuse@ ??? #
  • 100 followers and I only needed 12 (with an ability to fish) thanks for following me, have yaz nuttin better to do? i do. #
  • watching the open coffee cork on play back – great stuff lads. #
  • wondering are auto start podcasts on blog pages overkill or helpful ? #
  • new blog post on NEW blog #
  • SOFTWARE / Opera 9.23 is installing; Skype looks ok again (i said that yesterday) got Fling from NCH, right click file -> FTP upload … #
  • @opera twitter widget in opera 9.23 can’t reload without new login nor save the u/p very poor widget. so has reload bu i cant make it work. #

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Categorized as twitter