DVD & CD Drawers

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why design DVD drawers that close on push when

1. the remote has an open/close button

2. the front panel has the same

3. the mechanics are not designed to take a push close for a sustained use!

i also would love to find the person in Dell that designed a DVD drawer in a tower that is under the drawer when open, stupidity. The 3 year old has done some damage to a €80 dvd player with push close tactics (i fixed the drive this morning). I used to snap the fingers of trainee DJs that did similar to radio studio Denon CD players. If they designed it that it was non responsive to push, a generation would learn that it is the mechanics and not the IC that will let you down first, the built in “planned obsolescence” of a tiny spring and a plastic arm, just like the rubber spindle was in the compact cassette recorder. It you really want them to last don’t push, never pull and do as the Sugababes asked, push the button.

Categorized as technology