vodafone hit by viral spam

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a viral txt message is doing the rounds on the vodafone network in Ireland, the viral message asks recipients to txt 10 friends (on vodafone network) the news that vodafone 2 vodafone txts are free for life. when you have sent the tenth message you are promised €5 extra credit, then the message signs off as being from vodafone.

this message has been seen since Saturday (20/01), and hit an 087 phone here this afternoon, I smelled a rat as to grant the €5 credit vodafone would need to be reading your outbound txts and that would be illegal without court order to gardai.

its in fact a fraud committed by persons unknown and vodafone benefit from revenue made of the gullibility of some of their customers to the offer. vodafone after 3 days have not put a press release here on their website (18:55 22/01/2007). Vodafone cust care are aware and have asked me to forward the txt to 50005 for the data protection commissioner, this i am assured is not to grass up my stupid friends that sent the txt but to gather a general count of how many txts are whizzing around. BEWARE OF VIRAL TXT SPAM – vodafone a little PR on the web would help.

[update] this is happening to o2 as well (see comments) also among a group of 7 tonight 5 had got these txts

[update] 50005 is not data protection. its a vodafone number see digitalrights.ie on txt spam