Dail envelopes & paper

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DNE candidate Dr. Michael Woods sent to my house a letter on oireachtas paper with gold harp and oireachtas envelope, asking for a vote on election day … which is imminent. using an old database Woods sent it to the old family name on the house. Using the phrase “leading ireland forward” not next steps.

He fails to explain how he did it, get ‘selected’ without convention! He fails to indicate the massive divide in the FF camp in DNE as HQ ruled out a convention & democratic selection of candidates. Nor mention that many teams of people will not assist the sitting FF TD’s in getting re elected because of the shamocracy that has unfolded.

Can TD’s use our tax paid for letters and free post to ask for votes… Dr. Michael Woods TD seems to think so. Anyone know the SIPO guidlines here? is it all OK until they call the election? then not OK?