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follow on twitter messages march 30th – april 4th – my messages my domain my seo listening back to clare daly on VB 2nite RTE radio 1 – killer content. about 9 hours ago Icon_star_empty Icon_trash
listening to about 10 hours ago

i have one shoe and one slipper on my feet. 🙂 one more twitter friend and I have a 6×4 which used to be a radio studio to me.. a shed.. about 10 hours ago

defining anorak to a friend via im: your are an anorak, an enthusiast of unfashionable activities, so says wiki, i support the pirate source about 10 hours ago

upgraded to WP 2.1.3 about 11 hours ago

EMI remove DRM but leave the chipmunks in MP3 about 13 hours ago

working with a 20th century CMS 🙁 its killing me about 16 hours ago

finding the undertones teenage kicks is now on iTunes. finding 30c to unlock the DRM a bad deal, burn rip burn easy’n’free no thanx EMI about 17 hours ago

looking at wordpress 2.1.3 for upgrade out 7 hours. about 19 hours ago

losing control about 23 hours ago

updating my blog updating a clients digital cert, and updating my personality with a plugin called “Happiness 2007” about 23 hours ago

putting bread out for the birds; tweet tweet; L:baldoyle, dublin, republic of ireland 10:36 AM April 03, 2007

@imeallach failte go ar greasin; and im free. free falling. 10:22 AM April 03, 2007 in reply to imeallach

is twitter the new crackberry? 10:19 AM April 03, 2007

listening to the emi “podcast” 11:47 PM April 02, 2007 blog 56K page imps per annum, running now for 53 weeks 10:54 PM April 02, 2007 has advert on radio with her name on it for healthy heart. site stats here very low 1K hits a year 10:50 PM April 02, 2007

met the Talking Voices people today… i want to buy ten please,, colour nicam stereo 16:9. podcasting will catch on after all @deekdeekster 10:40 PM April 02, 2007

what a day some of my posts never made, some because i aborted them. heard dave fanning do the TG4 take down and mention Conn! @imeallach 10:37 PM April 02, 2007

listening to yesterdays tune of the day today. off to airport – flying into EIDW 020530Z 05015KT 9999 FEW030 06/04 Q1033 NOSIG 07:19 AM April 02, 2007 Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

denise cox adds audio to the business of email blog ’email matters’ <<<< nice mobile url 12:30 AM April 02, 2007

Radio Nacional de España 12:08 AM April 02, 2007

listening to brendan balfe rte radio one on a 1950’s valve radio… what a sound, youtube vid of it soon.. 11:34 PM April 01, 2007

@damienmulley @dbspin is it the guid’s from twitter or time stamps that are fecking up google reader, on small screen so can ne look now 11:44 AM April 01, 2007 in reply to damienmulley

remarking: i’m 6 years in today. what about remission 4 good behaviour? posting from bed with wifi phone. L:bed 01:42 AM April 01, 2007

watching culture show bbc2, all cultured up now. fully cultured bhg off 2 bed 01:21 AM April 01, 2007

@dbspin twitter dont need 2 make extra traffic, llive updates are now 10 not 2 minutes 12:36 AM April 01, 2007 in reply to dbspin

reading marx about surplus value, prompted by something our accountant said about profit 12:34 AM April 01, 2007

@TomRaftery i’m waiting 4 bertie 2 go 2 mary in the park b4 my hols start 08:02 PM March 31, 2007 in reply to TomRaftery

dancing @theDISCO getting fitter & fitter; wait a minute where’s me twitter; welcome back people of the twintterland 07:54 PM March 31, 2007

and our football Team is shit.The succes of the nation is depèndent on the state of the beautiful game.Fund football clubs not politics. 01:07 PM March 31, 2007

Northern ireland doing well in their Group, their economy on the rise…. Republic’s economy expected to take Major nose dive tbc 01:06 PM March 31, 2007

taxi on its way off out to birthday #2 and race night. my 10 year old daughter has a google calendar full! like dr. who BBC1 7pm 2moro mad.. 07:30 PM March 30, 2007

Was trying to sleep but a sales guy claiming to be from london with +912 number rang to sell testing services zzzZZZ 05:28 PM March 30, 2007

Twittersong of the day Concorde by Carmina on itunes 99c – like it? Pass it on – buy it? Then tell me. 05:25 PM March 30, 2007

Going home. Long day over. Long nite ahead 2 more birthday parties 2 hrs sleep would be nice 03:22 PM March 30, 2007

off to the burlington to meet Carmina 12:28 PM March 30, 2007

results of gsm signals test in east wall (my office) 11:43 AM March 30, 2007

testing signals of vodafone O2 & meteor with NETMON on nokia 6110 in east wall Meteor wins, Vodafone second O2 paddy last 11:34 AM March 30, 2007

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