Who are the pirates?

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Yes indeed the euro price is the same as the dollar. up 30c. the point should be that EMI have had a road to Damascus moment realising that DRM actually hurts them, so they are dropping it. The 256 v 128K issue, the cost of downloading the extra 128kbits is borne by the buyer in extra bandwidth not EMI. EMI Group licence music for sale on plastic without DRM, Apple made EMI see that it should never have been there. So no need to fleece us. Steve Jobs pointed out in the announcement that we can rip burn rip the tracks to bypass DRM, 30c is their way.

Now I want to see EMI stop restricting the use of music for promotion in podcasts.
Brian Greene
Irish Podcasters Representative Body
(PodRepBod) http://www.podireland.org

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