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BBC ONE Tue 5 Dec, 10:35 pm – 11:25 pm 50mins


Alan Yentob journeys into the world wide web to find out how it began, who’s hanging out there, and where it’s taking us. Along the way he meets Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the web – and goes on to explore how this man’s creativity has fuelled the creativity of millions of others.

Dandy blogger Dickon Edwards and sex blogger Abby Lee; the hardcore members of the Arctic Monkeys message board; masked animator David Firth – whose cartoons have been watched by millions on the web – and Ewan Macdonald, the young Scot who wrote the millionth entry in the web phenomenon known as the Wikipedia – all feature in the film, alongside figures such as veteran director Ken Russell – currently making a film to upload to YouTube – and web pioneer Daniel Myrick, director of the Blair Witch Project. With some strong language.

~ i hope to record this – and be at at live gig in Dublin 1 to see Rebecca Hart