145,000+ see late late show intruder on youtube

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Over 145,000 people have downloaded the intruder on the late late show video off google-youtube (figures based on 7 versions on 2 networks @ 2am 05/12/06) most watched version is most blogged version (no surprise)

LLS gets 661,000 watching? circa 20% “more” see the intruder on the youtube.
CCTV footage of the car coming in Nutley Lane should get sponsored by Nissan or someone. While that might be illegal RTE have form on this, they took the Vid of the M4 speeders and showed it on the telly, and pissed off the judge. Ok thats Gaybo in road safety and the intruders motive covered, were full circle in a broken revolving door… Oíche maith agus codhladh sámh.

why isn’t aertel page 192 not slotted on page 169; 16:9 anyone? and its free.