w800i podcatcher

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I got my w800i sony walkman phone today; the day meteor messed up credit control, blocked my phone & over charged me. You see the postal service is being run down so much that the lag time between bill arriving and cheques arriving is so expanded up to 16 days that monthly billing is running close to cut off dates, we had this with eircom last month and meteor today, telco’s automated systems are demanding payment before payment has settled in their accounts because of this lag. I scream, if the Govt. is not running down an post, why are social welfare clients being driven to private banks when an post has the state business for welfare.. anyhow, i have my line back and the w800i. In trying to make the w800i a podcatcher I have a solution. the w800i memory is a 512 duo card, so podcatcher on a stick comes to my rescue (again). go to the MP3 directory on the w800i and create a new folder (directory) call it anything ie POAS/ and drop the mypodder zip in there, unzip it and run mypodder. Bingo, w800i is managing its own podcasts..