walkman back to happiness. w800i

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w800iOn order from my telco is a w800i Sony Walkman phone.. it has 512MB on duo card for memory; good reports of sound quality; good reports on extended batt life in flight mode; FM radio wth RDS; 2MPix camera wth flash;

I could do a lot of this on my XDAii incl podcatching on board and a wide range of winCE application, including gprs realmedia streaming of air america radio, sadly it cost €50 an hour is tariffs just to hear 20Kbits of radio, alas my XDA is dead and the ransom fee for repair is not justifiable as of yet. If w800i had wifi, now that would be cool; I’ll see how far I can push harrold bluetooth for OTA data on the sony. And I wonder if there are DRM issues with w800i;