Swiss Roll

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FT reports: Swisscom’s chairman and chief executive on Monday accused the government of political interference and warned of resignations if the crisis at the Swiss telecoms company was not resolved swiftly.

The attack came as Swisscom confirmed it had broken off take-over talks with Eircom of Ireland following last month’s surprise veto by Bern on big foreign acquisitions.
the Swiss people own 66% of Swisscom, the Swiss Govt. may sell off more % soon, so who are
these guys to tell the Swiss Govt. to back off. If Governments can’t invest in state owned companies, then they sure are allowed to run them the way they want to on behalf of the people. The Swisscom CEO sounds like the ex aerlingus CEO when he wanted to buy a State owned company he was running. Corporate greed and confidence is spilling out of the board room down the street and into the Harbours & Ports and out to sea of a globalised world. The streets of Ireland will be full of a different anger on Friday 9th Dec.

Categorized as politics