triple the hits for my podcasting bits thanks to a frog

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my server txts me every other hour to say all is well and a few bits of data that make me feel happy, like the number of downloads of my latest podcast… as I watch it grow. So its buzzing along at 500 server interactions eg. 200 full downloads every 14 days to 28 days. Then all of a sudden it jumps to 1300 in 11 days, holy bandwidth problems I think. So I dig into the raw log to see whats going on.

My show notes mention axe_l F c_razy fro_g, and Yahoo read and indexed the xml rss2.0 feed. Dogpile audio search pulls yahoo’s results and coz my result for the search has a 17MB file, and everything else looks like a 29 second sample, I’ve been getting traffic. I want organic growth, not kiddies looking for ringtone idols. a review is under way, but if you really want hits and don’t care from where, well now you know.