skys the limit

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east sky Its budget day bonanza time. I woke to this ominous sky this morning, 8.20am Baldoyle (the pink is pollution) . BIFFO has a bag full of money to give away. as you digest the data from the budget, 3 things

1. google save $100M with our generous tax system
2. its not stud farmers or meat barron’s money, Its your money, he’s only giving you back a tiny %
3. don’t forget the irish ferry workers [Dec9th national protest]

Dec9th Im taking my kidz outa school that day (and marching) , I’m writing to the school and the Edu minister, my kidz want decent jobs and rates of pay when they leave school, and Ms. Hannafin, bullying in school, bullying teachers and union members, it not nice to bully.