Jesus Jones

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xmas litethis Christmas like others before the race is on to get the best lights up on yer house. Its a ‘keeping up with the jones’s’ that has ESB network draining of power. Think of the extra light pollution, if there was a second coming would we find 3 wise men, would they find a star in the East? in city glow its hard to see some of the medium stars anymore.

anyway your kids might get slagged for not having cool trainers but not having enough external wall lighting is going too far. STOP STOP STOP the rot, don’t do the xmas lights on the house please. Dublin City Council please pass a planning bye law to make this easier to discourage the fade.

I *like* Christmas time, here is a poem I wrote about it

Christmas is a time of giving
With turkey and ham and easy living
And its baby Jesus versus Santa Claus
And carol singing for a worthy cause
It’s a holiday for a week or two
The church is packed, a religious coup
And its midnight mass at 10 o’clock
And the next-door neighbour in her new frock
Its presents under the Christmas tree
While shaking a box for charity

Christmas is a time when we all reflect
Bend our knees and genuflect
And pray to our one God creator
That next year it will be a little later
Coz Christmas has become a commercial gimmick
That at 20 years of age has made me a cynic
And why not!