My race against waste

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The race began at 14:00pm in Drumshanbo Leitrim, a full car boot load on cardboard needed disposal. Leitrim has only two bring banks that take cardboard, (source via dead slow dialup in Leitrim’s broadband black spot). The two bring banks that take cardboard are Manorhamilton & Mohill, both are open Wednesday & Saturday (at the same times), no good to me on a Thursday, Leitrim Co. Co. said the local private operator in Drumshanbo has a privatised wheelie bin service. I made it to the Mohill bank to find it closed except for glass recycling on the external side of the high security bring bank. So I went to Longford. When I got there (Longford Town) I phoned Longford Co. Co. (not that trunk calls kill me that much, but they do exist still, ok I was on a mobile..) Longford Co. Co. said they have no bring banks that take cardboard!!!!!!!! in the whole county, they said try Roscommon or Donegal, they didnt say that the private waste operator in Drumlish Co. Longford takes cardboard for free, I rang the privatised op in Drumlish and found this out myself, a mad dash to Drumlish and ten minutes before closing at 16:50pm I got weighed in in Drumlish one boot load of cardboard and a whole back window full of the feather weight aero board weighing in at 20KG my card + 5 passengers weighed XXXKG less the 20KG. A Kilogramme costs 17 cent and the nice lady from Latvia helped me sort the stuff into skips, then the other nice lady on the weigh bridge charged me one euro for the aero board. race over.

Now martin cullen can improve the transport system so we can drive further to recycle electronic voting machines.

The whole idea of race against waste (apart from being a direct double tax) is that it is to be local and public, not private and 100’s of miles away.

People of Waterford when electing the 30th Dail Eireann team, think, think again.