It doesn’t add up

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In Ireland there are 21 labour inspectors for 1,600,000 workers.
And there are 50 dog wardens for 156,000 dog licences. It doesn’t add up.

Is it any wonder that every dog on the street, knows what companies like GAMA are paying migrant workers. Urgent action is need.

GAMA should be directed to stop all lock ins. To stop all lock outs. To not send any workers back to Turkey. To give their workers the correct union rates and pay slips and immediate access in Ireland to the workers newly found Dutch bank accounts that hold up to 30million Euros.

Govt. should investigate their own involvement in policing the corporate sector.

Unions should stop sitting on their backsides and join with the TWAG workers and back their demands.

Irish workers should realize that if bosses can get away with this, their conditions will be next, support and solidarity is needed for ALL migrant workers.