how safe is it to work in Ireland?

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on April 26 I blogged

In Ireland there are 21 labour inspectors for 1,600,000 workers.
And there are 50 dog wardens for 156,000 dog licences. It doesn’t add up.

It seems according to the SIndo today that the same argument is being made in the Dail, by the leader of the Labour Party in Ireland last week. The courts helped cover up the GAMA scandal and the govt. has been criticised for the low levels of labour inspectors, but 7 months after the GAMA situation was exposed by Mick Murphy & Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party, little action has come from the PD led FF govt.

Only last week 13 eastern European periwinkle pickers on Colt Island off Skerries were put in a position similar to the Chinese pickers that tragically died in Morecambe Bay of the north west coast of the UK.

bertie said that, following the incident last weekend involving 13 eastern European periwinkle pickers, he had ‘personally put the heavies’ onto the case because he was very concerned about it.

actions speak louder