Fingal Bin Tax rises 50%

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since it introduction just 3 years ago the Fingal Bin Tax tag cost has risen 50% to the now proposed €7.50 The average cost per house per annum is €195 (a tag every two weeks). The green bin service which the council are charged for by a private monopoly costs €70 per annum or €5.38 per use (13 times a year).

So a big 50% increase in 3 years (and I told you so from the anti double tax campaign) but Im sure the green bin monopoly does not subsidise the council, and the council tell us they subsidise our black bin service, (how can a council subsidise itself? black bin service is a council run service for now) they mean that the 7.50 charge per tag alone does not meet the full running cost of the service. Our taxes top up the tag system to the tune of €6million, proof if it was still needed that it was and still is a double tax.

inflation over the period of time the tag system has been in place would add 35 cent to the cost of a tag, the tag price is rising SEVEN times faster than inflation and itself is adding to the inflation rises in the country.

access costs to council dumps by citizens has risen from €8 to €15 an 88% increase in just 3 years, and access by cash has been replaced by two tags per car at the dump gate.

along with other stealth taxes the burden of tax is being shifted onto PAYE workers and households at alarming rates.

The cost of race against waste is being funded by house owners while WEEE charges that retailers were hit with in August are being passed on to purchases on top of recording breaking VAT takes by our govt.

Abolish the bin tax and tax the real polluters, industry agriculture & construction.