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Bernie Goldbach for Netvisionary 2006 – vote early & often

BFG wotre this piece for ENN in Aug 2002.
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As they embrace and use blogging software, some Irish developers acknowledge that the CMS industry have over-built their content management models. Three years ago Brian Greene, technical director at Doop Design, coded his Newsvendor publishing program, which he said could effectively meet the needs of SMEs seeking a dynamic newsfeed for their sites. After coding for less than one day, programmers could upload and modify the Open Source files of Greene’s program. At the same time, several Irish vendors were selling CMS programs costing more than EUR40,000. Each implementation served different client requirements.

When a company sets up a Weblog instead of a CMS, it’s often because they know CMS solutions do not work the way they should. Forrester Research examined a dozen commercial CMSs. In early 2001 Forrester’s winner, Open Market Content Server, scored a mere 3.0 out of five. Forrester’s report entitled Managing Content Hypergrowth concluded CMS offerings were “immature,” that none adequately addressed all needs, and that the vendors all had very different visions of how the CMS will evolve. It also warned that organisations that have bought CMSs are going to run into problems maintaining and customising them. “Owner satisfaction will be short-lived,” Forrester concluded bitingly.

8< I have no memory of this piece,,, but I found it while researching exactly what Bernie hints at. Where is Nua & Nua Publish, Where is spin? and index? index is still around and I bump into it every now and then. Where is Newsvendor? its installed around the place ( / / to name a few but we bespoke develope it and no longer push it. But Bernie's premise in 2002 and hit hat tip to blogs killing CMS, and while he didnt say it, he implied it, it was one extra piece of visionary from the man we know as Bernie/underway_in_ireland/irisheyes/BFG Berine sent me another hat tip in 2001, rss was going to add enclosure tags, it was only talk and demo but it was coming, and BFG told BHG to get his darn radio shows on to rss enclosures - aka podcasts today. Last monday while researching a "lead off" for my political party branch meeting I stumble on this link[1] which was top ranked in google and also the best digesting on a subject close to his own heart following BFG's incarceration at the hands of our justice system. Meanwhile BFG is teaching the next generation, or the first college educated "multimedia students" (us self learned dont count) since his days in Art House (remember Art House!) through Interactive Avenue and elsewhere and now giving it loads in Tipp. Bernie the Irish Internet scene is the greater for having you. thank you for the (podsafe / open source) music. Did you really come to Ireland to fix the Y2K bug? 😉 [link 1]