MW54: Rick Rossiter

Mental Wealth Tuesday 25/09/2018 103.2MHz @dublincityfm 12.30pm I talk to Rick RossiterĀ Mental Health Ambassador with See Change,Ā  Aware also with SJOGMHealth firstfortnight eHealthIreland

Zoo Radio – Intro

an intro to one of my radio shows c1993 #u2 #dublin

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MW: 53 Parent Line & CRACKS

Today on Mental Wealth I talk to Rita O’Reilly about volunteering at Parent Line And to Anthony Kinahan about Quintessence Theatre Compnay‘s new play CRACKS which is on in Ballymun, Tallaght and Dundrum.

MW52: Colman Noctor Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

on Mental Wealth 12:30pm 103.2 Dublin City FM I talk to Colman Noctor about Junior Cert results, data from CyberSafeIreland 3rd Annual Report & Self Harm stats from 7th edition of the Good Childhood Report by The Children’s Society (UK)

#22Z Ground Hog Radio

#22Z so I recorded 3 minutes top of the hour (TOTH) of 0-2MHz of spectrum (base band recording) 1.6GB total file size. I can now loop the 3 minutes on playback like ground hog day. I am going to tune is all the signals I can get with their TOTH idents. One by one. A…

Radio as a utility

Across Ireland church services are broadcast from many parishes on 27MHz. The churches which used to operate around 107MHz now use license exempt Citizens Band Radio spectrum to broadcast daily mass services to parishioners who are unable to attend in person. From the roofs and steeples there are 11 meter band antennas to achieve a…