MW43: Dr Andrew Morrice – Human Givens College

Listen to Brian Greene’s interview with Andrew Morrice (Human Givens College tutor and General Practitioner) as they discuss the Mind-Body Connection, explore the relationships between the three big E’s (emotions, exercise & eating), mental health and the human givens approach.

new podcast wxtc #27 this episode was recorded Nov 23rd 2007 in Co. Louth. The music of Lisa Hake is explored.

saturday morning in my house

20th October – warm and sunny and at 53rd northern latitude, the birds are far from hibernation this is the sound of my saturday, aren’t the kids quite.

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Now Then: pod digging – Tony Killeen TD on Shannon

Now: [press release from minister of state Tony Killeen TD] Then: his views on the dangers to Shannon recorded some time before the ’07 Election for the RTE Radio show the constituency fast forward to 13:09 MP3 “there are people who will forever feel I suppose that Shannon is under threat and some of them…

Stano = wxtc podcast #24

on this podacst I speak to Stano. [myspace] Born John Denver Stanley, Dublin 1960, Stano grew up in Artane and showed no inclination towards a ‘musical’ career as a child. Attending the local Christian brothers school and then the technical college, his first choice of lifestyle was that of the army. After five months there…