Mrs. Brown still bigger than the Queen

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13.35M cvr 2012 (c.eve)
11.52M cvr 2013 9.4M  onr
 9.69M cvr 2014 7.61M onr
 9.49M cvr 2015 6.4M  onr
source: ukchristmastv

The above table shows the consolidated view ratings (cvr) for Mrs Brown’s Boys on BBC on Christmas Day over the last few years (2012 is for Christmas Eve). The overnight ratings (onr) are the figures on the right.

What do the figures show? Between 2015 and 2014 the views of cvr hold pretty much the same while overnight ratings (watched on the day not on +1, repeat or catch up service) have fallen by 1.2 million. Less people are watching TV live on Christmas Day (for this show) while more people are watching on catch up. So it shows that the brand is strong and pulling in the audience on demand.

It also shows the slide from 13.35M to 9.49M from 2012 to 2015.

The Queen who speaks to her subjects at 3PM each Christmas Day has risen her audience from 6.3M to 7.3M (onr) over the same period. While Mrs. Brown is still more popular than the Queen (TV wise on this day) the gap is closing.

The Queen she came to call on us,
She wanted to see all of us
I’m glad she didn’t fall on us, she’s eighteen stone.
“Mister Me Lord Mayor,” says she,
“Is this all you’ve got to show me?”
“Why, no ma’am there’s some more to see, Pog mo thoin!”

Monto – 1958 by George Desmond Hodnett

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