Fine Gael / Labour FOI fail

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in reply to Killing Freedom of Information in Ireland

He said ‘What do you think about my manifesto? ‘I like a manifesto, put it to the test-o.

Labour Party Manifesto 2011
Labour will restore the Freedom of Information Act so that it is as comprehensive as was originally intended. The fee structure for Freedom of Information requests will be reformed so that cost does not discourage individuals and organisations from seeking information, and the remit of the Freedom of Information and the Ombudsman Acts will be extended to the Garda Síochána, the Central Bank and other bodies significantly funded from the public purse, that are currently excluded.


Fine Gael Manifesto 2011
Freedom of Information: Restrictions introduced by recent Governments to Freedom of Information in the public sector will be reversed.


Fine Gael / Labour Programme for Government 2011-2016
We will legislate to restore the Freedom of Information Act to what it was before it was underined
by the outgoing Government, and we will extend its remit to other public bodies including the
administrative side of the Garda Síochána, subject to security exceptions.
We will extend Freedom of Information, and the Ombudsman Act, to ensure that all statutory
bodies, and all bodies significantly funded from the public purse, are covered.
We will introduce Whistleblowers legislation.
We will put in place a Whistleblowers Act to protect public servants that expose
maladministration by Ministers or others, and restore Freedom of Information.