this TV’s tuner dies October 24th – Long live the TV

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Digital Switch Over (DSO) or Analogue Switch Off (ASO) is happening October 24th 2012 at 10am. 11 days to go. Then this TV “tuner” will die, well it wont die but over the air signals from legal sources¹ will not be exciting its Belling-Lee² connector after that date.

This TV was lovingly carried around the city of Dublin from house to flat to shop etc. I remember carrying it from North Great Georges Street to Capel Street (Capel TV) & back again to have a teletext card added as it was shipped with no text as standard.

As the TV has no scart it relies on a VCR or old Sky box to provide it with modulated signal. I must declare that it belongs to the wife, and she is not parting with it. There is something ‘warm glow’ about a CRT that LCD just doesn’t provide.

Onwards into its 3rd decade for this TV without the TV signals it was made for.

1. does anyone know of any other sources other than legal 🙂
2. Belling-Lee