The real reason Dr. Reilly added 15 primary care centres: EXPLAINED

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Regina Doherty TD (Fine Gael) explains Dr. Reilly’s reason for adding the extra 15 centres (with no fixed criteria) to the first list of 20. 

The reason is: developers can’t profit from health in deprived areas

Speaking on RTE’s Today with Pat Kenny on Thursday morning Regina Doherty TD said (use cue point number 1 below once the audio has loaded) 

“The reason that the first list was actually added to was that because the only criteria on the first list that was used was urban deprivation. How many developers do you know want to actually develop in an area thats deprived where they will most likely not make any money on their development. “

on Wednesday in a lengthy interview on the same radio show Dr. Reilly said that the developer for the Swords site was the same developer for the Balbriggan site. 


yesterday in a statement Clare Daly TD said 

At questions in the Dáil yesterday, health minister James Reilly gave no clear reason why sites in his constituency had been given priority for the development of primary care centres, over and above other locations that were previously higher on the list. He said that the HSE made the decision, not he. And the full Cabinet approved it – including the Labour ministers. But Reilly is the Minister who decides on these matters. Roisin Shortall’s resignation shows who is in charge. 

This is not just a row with James Reilly over stroke politics. While Reilly himself may not make any money out of these choices, some of his friends in Fine Gael stand to gain from the further involvement of private developers in the provision of primary healthcare.

Reilly is following in Harney’s footsteps – promoting private interests and profit-making in our two-tier healthcare system. PPP’s do not provide value for money, as the cancellation of PPP education projects in Britain shows. PPPs benefit private investors, at higher costs to the state and to the users.

The coming budget will involve savage cuts to health funding, and an increasing drive to privatisation. Labour has a choice: break from Fine Gael or preside over more cuts and privatisation. We call on Labour supporters to mobilise against austerity at the pre-budget protest on November 24.