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It has been a while since I did any updates to qued.tv. One development that has been lurking around in the background has been embed code for qued audio & video including the cuepoints. So i decided to release it as unready as it may be, thanks to peter donegan for pushing me to make it (so he could embed the sodshow et al on culch.ie) and to damien mulley for requesting it as a feature way back in the early days.

Now (in buggy beta) there is a facility to grab the embed code for qued media on each media page (link on the bottom left above edit). see http://qued.tv/25252 for an example. Enjoy

(and) ((if (you ever wonder) why) I write a lot in parentheses) (it is because i used to program in (lisp) ok). In fact I parsed the results of the IIA web survey in 1997 using LISP as I was busy learning Perl 🙂

below are two examples of the embed code in action. The first for audio:mp3 and the second for video:youtube.