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After a little over 11 years i’m moving on from doop design. I joined in the dot bomb days of 2001, joining founders @wally1 & spiff and later working with @sinead in one of Ireland’s dinkiest little web design units.

And what an 11 years it was. Designed to facilitate its worker directors doop did what would have been printed on the tin if there was a label, but we weren’t into labels! first and foremost the crew were the best self amalgamated group of D13/D5 heads that decided to work together and I am so glad to have been part of it. We had all worked in radio prior to web and I am certain we will invent together in the future and after radio & web I predict a music slant. But that is in our future.

Right now I am breaking out and spreading my web dev wings. From the beginning (dojo.ie 1994) I have always dabbled in other works outside of my core job, built CMS while at Baltimore Technologies and sys-admining for @IIA for 10 years while holding down 3 other jobs, I don’t do boredom well. I also DJ as a sideline but fat boy slim is in no danger of being replaced. So over the the past 2 years I have been burning the midnight oil on @quedtv & and also finding daylight hours for @rescuez which has recently progressed onto the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers programme of DCU and Dundalk IT.

Now I am seeking new challenges. More social audio video is what I seek. I’m not turning my back on LAMP or all night coding sessions but 9-5 does sound more appealing than 5-9 that self starters end up doing more often than is healthy, especially in smaller units.

At 11 years doop has been my longest employment spell among the 3 jobs I’ve held down, 3 in 22 years. So doop has been half my working life, sniff sniff. And by far the best years of my life. Thanks to the crew at doop.ie and the clients and fiends for giving those years to me.

While my leaving will take immediate effect, i will have some lose ends to tie up, a couple of big jobs to close, and I won’t feel I have left until the passwords fade from my head, which i hope will be sooner than the great memories I will keep forever. I am proud to have doop on my shinny new curriculum vitae (which is available on request via@briangreene )

Here’s to our future, built on the shoulders of past giants.
73’s @doopdoop