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Socialist Party Dublin North East Public Rep. Brian Greene calls for
local councils to


On St. Patrick’s day morning at 09:00 staff and members of the three
Total Fitness Gyms learnt of the closure of their workplaces and
gyms. The company who runs the three gyms cited high rents as a reason
for it’s loss of profit and it’s need to close.

Up to one hundred staff are suddenly out of work with the possibility
of lost wages and thousands of members are out of pocket for
subscriptions that can not be fulfilled. At present there is no
knowing when these payments will be repaid with the company saying “A
liquidator will be appointed in due course and will deal with all
queries in relation to outstanding memberships.”

The Socialist Party calls for these gymnasium health clubs to be kept
open and run for the betterment of the community.

“There is scope for these type of facilities to be taken into public
ownership and run by local authorities, with the profit element
removed these facilities could be improved and membership fees reduced
which allows for better use by all of the community. There is already
twelve sports and leisure centres run by DCC and two by SDCC”
according to Brian Greene Public Rep. Socialist Party Dublin North

“if we can bailout out bankers for the fitness of the Irish economy we
can make community ownership of health & fitness facilities a priority
where businesses have failed” said Mr. Greene

These three recently closed facilities could be obtained from the
liquidator and the buildings could be obtained by compulsory purchase
from the from the absentee landlord Albert Gubay.

Gubay a business man and philanthropist with a personal wealth of
USD1.1 billion, making him the 698th richest person in the world
should be asked to be charitable and allow these facilities be kept
open as community resources.