Sale of repossessed home withdrawn

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Press statement, June 29 – immediate release. United Left Alliance –
Sale of repossessed home withdrawn.

Estate agents Lowe & Associates have withdrawn from sale today the
repossessed home of Robert Marsh at 130 Comeragh Rd, Drimnagh. The
house was withdrawn on instruction from Start Mortgages, the sub-prime
lender that repossessed it.

Commenting on today’s events, Joan Collins TD said:

This is a victory for Robert Marsh and anybody else who has had their
home repossessed. We publicly called upon Investec, which owns Start
Mortgages, and on Lowe’s estate agents to stop the sale of Robert’s
home. After several protests at their offices, the sale has been

We will now monitor all of the estate agents to ensure Robert’s home
is not put up for sale elsewhere. We are calling for all repossession
sales to be stopped as part of a general resolution to the unfolding
mortgage crisis. We urge anybody with mortgage difficulties to come to
the meeting next Sunday in the Red Cow hotel from 1 til 4 to get
advice, to discuss ideas to deal with the mortgage crisis, and to
campaign to stop repossessions.

If people in difficulty work together we can stop repossessions.
Lenders are less likely to repossess if they can’t sell your home. So
‘Buyer be wary – seller beware’ is the message we are sending out