Manifesto launch of the Socialist Party/United Left Alliance

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10 February 2011

Manifesto launch of the Socialist Party/United Left Alliance

Socialist Party fielding nine candidates as part of the United Left Alliance

Manifesto challenges the cut back consensus of the political establishment

Opening the Manifesto launch of the Socialist Party Cllr Mick Barry, candidate for Cork North Central said:

“This manifesto is not a media orientated document describing how we think the capitalist system can be managed. Rather it is intended for mass distribution in the nine constituencies where we are fielding candidates. It will be an aide for discussion on the doorsteps with working people, the unemployed and students about the radical measures that are needed to reorganise Irish society to overcome this crisis.

“There are two core issues at the heart of this election. Firstly is the IMF/EU deal that has legislated for making ordinary people in this country responsible for bailing out private European banks who recklessly speculated on the Irish property bubble in concert with Irish financial institutions.

“Secondly is the question of unemployment which, if resolved would be the major component in solving the deficit crisis. We say that the strategy of the entire political establishment of low wages, low taxes on big business and a hope that sufficient FDI and indigenous investment from credit starved small businesses will occur is a non-strategy.

“The root of the unemployment crisis and its exacerbation is the vicious circle of deflationary policies and a strike of investment by the private sector. This vicious circle can only be broken by the state taking responsibility for directly creating jobs through public works and an expansion of state enterprise as well as a nationalised banking system that allows affordable credit to small and medium enterprises.?

Joe Higgins MEP, candidate for Dublin West commented

“Let us be clear, even if we turn ourselves into slaves this debt cannot be paid. Growth will at best be 1% this year according to estimates and no headway will be made in the debt given the interest rate that goes with it. The austerity measures projected for the years ahead arising from the EU/IMF deal will themselves mitigate against growth. This is simply an intolerable burden pointing to an inevitable future default.

“I ask the parties of the political establishment, especially Fine Gael and Labour who will be the next government is there no price too high in terms of our public services and social welfare that they are willing to pay in order that these sharks get their money back?

“The cutback consensus and pro-establishment media has crowded out a real discussion about economic alternatives. This crisis did not arise purely from the property bubble or bad regulation though they are special features of the Irish recession. This is a crisis of capitalism itself. If you remain in the ideological straightjacket of the market systems there is no alternative but to make working people pay through cut backs and unemployment.

“That’s why we argue for a fundamental change in the way the economy and wealth is owned and how the resources must be planned to meet people’s needs before private profit.?

Cllr Clare Daly, candidate for Dublin North added:

“Many will vote in a Fine Gael/Labour government in the hope that the fact they are not Fianna Fáil can only mean that the situation will improve. These hopes will be dashed.

“The next government is committed to the reduction of the deficit GDP ratio to 3% within several years which will mean more savage cutbacks on the basis of their policies and the capitalist system. The IMF/EU deal will remain as is under their administration.

“In that sense the election is as much about the opposition as it is about the government. A group of Socialist Party and United Left Alliance TDs and not a demoralised discredited Fianna Fáil will be the real opposition in the next Dáil.

“Sinn Féin’s desire to play this role is fatally compromised by their participation in the Northern Executive which is acting as a transmission belt for £4 billion of Tory/Liberal cuts.

“Our opposition will not just be a parliamentary one but rather the parliamentary wing of an active mass opposition to government austerity which will involve people power in the workplaces and the communities. In these conditions the Socialist Party and the United Left Alliance will grow to become an even bigger factor in the political scene.?

Cian Prendiville, candidate for Limerick City and the youngest candidate in the country at 21 commented:

“The re-imposition of fees and the scale of unemployment among young people makes for a bleak future for the youth of this country who, in their tens if not hundreds of thousands are contemplating emigration.

“I know from my campaigning activity that the crisis and its impact on young people has had a very radicalising effect. From the word go capitalism has failed this generation. I will use my position, whether or not I am elected to help build a radical mass movement of young people and students to defeat college fees and fight for jobs?