Fog Signals 73’s but GPS jamming is “A National Security Threat”

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The Commissioners of Irish Lights announce that their last 9 remaining fog signals will no longer operate after today.

Although we have been closing fog signals on a case by case basis for over 20 years, the 2010 Aids to Navigation (AtoN)  Review re-confirmed that fog signals can no longer be considered as AtoN.

Sad to hear them go. Think about it this way, AtoN is very much GPS driven. 11.10.10 The Commissioners of Irish Lights warned that Jamming the Global Positioning System was “A National Security Threat”…

Try as you may but jamming a foghorn is difficult. Suggestion, do not dismantle the equipment. Digital’s analog ancestor may be need again. Like high power medium wave after nuclear fallout.

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