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so no surprise Chrous NTL turn up in the bottom 5 in a list of 128 companies based on reputation.

NTL does not stand for "No Today Love"

But as much as I dislike NTL (i had the pleasure of removing them from two homes in the last 10 years)  I saw them in a different light recently having spoken to one of their MMDS customers. MMDS is always breaking down, well the NTL kind is in an area in North County Dublin / Meath border. So much so, customers could get to know the repair man on first name terms, they meet so often.

But this is it, NTL bad as their reputation is, provide the signal from their station to your roof top and to their STB to your TV. And if this breaks down they come out and fix it, after all, you're paying them for the service, no brainer? kind of.

Except when you look at the competition. Sky charge extra for installation but should "your" equipment go 'on the blink' (is it ok to use this old TV breakdown term?) then its quids in for an independent repair guy, as Sky do not turn up in person. You pay the repair guy not Sky.

Fear not though Sky have you covered. Sky Protect will protect you from almost something that will go wrong with your install (read the small print). For this protection Sky charge a FEE or their protection plan company do. 

So this makes little old NTL service seem not good but normal.

FTR I own neither shares in Sky or UPC. Come to that, I don't even subscribe to either service.

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