tonic for your phonic

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WTF? does OFCOM not regulate specialist TV channels for on air sound?

Ahlebait TV 12523Mhz 27500Ksps H FEC 2/3
Feedback on on-air live phone calls.

And the African religious services with 200% distortion.

Do these service operators strive to get these low standards to fit it
with their stereotype of national broadcasters back home? like echo
chamber CB radio hams from Italy.

Where are the standards. These broadcasters are disregarding all
accept norms of audio production standards. Am I being too prissy here
or would the regulators allow a DAB radio service to sound like AM
1970s phonics because it fitted the genres of the format station? I
don’t think so (not that DAB is anyway near as good as FM) .

So please let them broadcast but please uphold standards or define
known opt outs, or standards will slip to web cam TV.

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