Spotify does social radio in an anti social way

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Late April an upgrade to Spotify brought changes to its free v pay plans that got most attention. But Spotify also stepped into the social part of social radio for the first time with (for Spotify) some major moves toward making what should always have been social, but wasn’t, a little bit more social.

Too little, too late, so far. In a real time world of facebook & Twitter, the introduction of minor social radio elements to Spotify’s service leaves if lagging behind my favourite, when it comes to being a radio socialite. The video below will explain what’s new, and don’t get me wrong, Spotify have done it well, and have done it their way, steady as she goes. But to treat music sharing in a social, user generated content, post 2.0 world as less than mid 1990’s email with no subject and no body text just From: & Attachment (the song) leaves me cold. Then they put this in a container called “in box”, this is where i draw the Email analogy.

its just anti social.

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