Rupa & The April Fishes 2010 European Summer Tour

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Rupa & The April Fishes 2010 European Summer Tour! Tour dates at Rupa & the April Fishes Tour Dates Festas Do Almonda Festival Der Kulturen Kultur Arena iDTGV Festival De Robion Cruilla De Culturas La Mar De Musicas Pole Pole Barbican, Free Stage WOMAD Semana Grande de Gijon Sziget Festival Ariano Folk Festival Haarlem Jazz Festival Theater Walhalla Image Map

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Rupa & The April Fishes European Summer Tour Dates

07-10-2010 Torres Novas, Portugal
07-13-2010 Stuttgart, Germany
07-14-2010 Jena, Germany
07-15-2010 Paris – Avion, France
07-16-2010 Robion, France
07-17-2010 Barcelona, Spain
07-19-2010 Cartagena, Spain
07-21-2010 Gent, Belgium
07-24-2010 London, UK
07-25-2010 Malmesbury, UK
07-30-2010 Gijon, Spain
08-14-2010 Budapest, Hungary
08-18-2010 Ariano, Italy
08-21-2010 Haarlem, NL
08-21-2010 Rotterdam, NL
08-23-2010 Athens, GR
08-24-2010 Athens, GR
08-25-2010 Athens, GR
08-26-2010 Athens, GR
08-27-2010 Athens, GR
08-28-2010 Athens, GR

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