Newstalk ‘Why We Write’ visits

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Why We Write radio series airs on Newstalk 106-108 this weekend… [xml]

Saturday 13th March at 7am, repeated Sunday 14th March at 9pm 

Programme 2: Singing from the Edge of the Abyss 

In the second programme of the Why We Write series, Francesca Lalor joins the Shine Ireland writers group, with a view to better understanding the lives of those suffering from mental illness. She examines the role of creative writing workshops in improving the quality of life of sufferers from mental illness. Members of the group speak frankly about their illness, and read from their writing, in a programme which is both optimistic, and very moving. 

Why We Write was Produced, Recorded and Edited by Francesca Lalor. Additional recording by Emma Cawley & Nicole Rourke. Mixed by John Davis. Made with the support of Sound and Vision Broadcasting Funding Scheme, a BCI initiative.

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