Eugene Lambert R.I.P.

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my three binding memories of Eugene are 

1. Wanderly Wagon – a wired old TV show from my era in which he played the character O'Brien, loved it, and grew up to then hate it, love to hate it, then finally (ABBA like) hate to love it. but love it i did. Life was simple as a six year old with WWW wonderful wanderly wagon, six year olds nowadays have www over http to contend with. 

2. Judge. On Eugene's arm, the safe cross code. the Judge badge.  Judge was stuffed without Eugene. Thanks for giving us Judge

3. An interview (or news report) from a pre runner to morning ireland or morning ireland itself. Eugene was picked up under the P.T.A. (prevention of terrorism act) but i could be wrong, he was coming through Dover port?. Shocking treatment of a great man. Its a good while back but I also recollect that he was accused of being a british army deserter, as someone with his D.O.B. and name went awol years previously. He was cleared of any suspicion. 

Eugene Lambert (1928 – 2010) R.I.P. 

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