EU: shape up or ship out?

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hedge funds owners betting in the capitalist casino have designs on the Euro

but there is strength in unity – europe is hanging together or they
will hang separately

perhaps this saga will expose the policies of the pro capitalist EU
and the pro capitalist leaders of its member countries.

This month the EU is being blamed (by Mary Harney RTE Drive Time
27/05) for bringing about the proposed sale of the VHI. Next month the
EU will be blamed for a 13% VAT charge on all local government
services that compete with the privatised sector of previously
publicly owned services.Similar outcomes were highlighted during the
two Lisbon referendums, and they were denied by the pro Lisbon (vote
yes) groups. It gives me no pleasure is stating that I told you so.
The EU and its Lisbon treaty has a pro market capitalist agenda that
wants to smash the member states involvement in civic society. Think
about it when your children’s school is charged 13% Value Added Tax on
their water supply, two EU sponsored principles at work against your
children’s education budget.

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