the skype generation

sophie & charlotte early 2005  wow 5.5 years in the new house.  Posted via email from web lab

odd 48v phantom desk sound.

Ghosts In The Machine  Download now or listen on posterous Ghosts in the machine.mp3 (1228 KB) ghosts in the machine  Posted via email from voicerous’s posterous

Cocoa Kids

1. my eldest daughter Vanessa snapped this in Tesco and blogged it here 2. Nestle in the firing line 3. My kids display this years cache from the local Girl Guide Brig?n Company (for orphanage’s, women’s refuge & Michael’s House) btw no Nestle i am told. Posted via email from web lab

The Greene Family

  Download now or listen on posterous the greene family.mp3 (1960 KB) Posted via email from web lab

Tom McPartlin – ITUC – my great-granduncle

[pictured in 1914 with Connolly & Larkin and the National Executive of ITUC] Thomas MacPartlin’s  Address to Congress 1917 Extracts from the Presidential Address of Thomas MacPartlin to the twenty–third Annual Meeting of Congress in the Guildhall, Derry, 6 August 1917 Now, friends, in times like these, when members of the working class are being…