Skin and Blisters – play & workshops

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On Friday 6th November, Team Theatre visited St. Mary's Secondary School, Baldoyle.  They presented a new play, commissioned for them, called "Skin and Blisters" to our Second and Third Year students.  St. Mary's was one of only six schools in Fingal chosen to host the performance.

The play dealt with the themes of body image, self esteem and girl-on-girl bullying.  The acting was first class and even though the set was hastily prepared, it was very striking and caught everyone's imagination on entry.

The play lasted one hour and later each year group then participated in one hour long workshops.

The girls enjoyed themselves immensely while also learning a great deal. Some described the play as "really great" and "brilliant" while the accompanying music really added to the performance.  "It was a very honest production" that dealt with a number of issues including "an eating disorder and its effects on the body".

The set consisted on a circular centre stage surrounded by seating.  The whole set was surrounded by six foot high panelling with large sized photos of famous celebrities.  The photos generated interest everyone's attention was caught when they were later turned around to show photos of the effects that eating disorders had on people.

"Many thanks to Team Theatre for a memorable performance." John Moore, Deputy Principal, St. Mary's Secondary School, Baldoyle.

Photo:  Students waiting for performance to start

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