Name that park. Baldoyle high amenity park needs a name

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[update] the Park in Baldoyle has been named – Baldoyle Racecourse Park 15:50 05/11/09

The high amenity park due to open in Baldoyle in January 2010 needs a name. Can you suggest one. The land was once owned by Frank Dunlop (who claimed he bribed six county councillors to rezone it for him) what was once the world famous Baldoyle Racecourse. The land was rezoned in the 90’s as local councillors gave way to allow development on this green belt that now has stages of the Coast development built upon it.

It has had a working title of ‘Millennium Park’ for about 13 years but due to its extreme late delivery it is deemed inappropriate to call it Millennium Park TEN YEARS into the new millennium. Baldoyle badly needs amenity lands for its expanding young and old population (Baldoyle is the only area of the old Howth Ward with and expanding population). Comments & suggestions welcome. With a few suggestions I may run a poll.

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