#Lisbon response to tara on facebook.

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[i did some maths in reply to a facebook comment by my very good
friend tara, who supports a yes vote]
Tara Liston Cunningham COME ON… Honestly, you don’t believe that
€1.84 minimum wage? That Europe won’t be pissed off at us and leave us
out to dry? We have the population of greater Manchester…We need
brian greene COME ON COME ON Tara. €1.84 is a Coir poster, its
rubbish. can’t happen. BUT €8.65 – €1.84 = only €6.81. As the ECJ
accepts the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Lisbon enshrines CFR &
ECJ rules against Luxembourg, Workers in Irish industry will be
displaced by €8.65 workers. so an REA of €27.24 – €8.65 = lost wage
€20.43p/h That is 3 times the €6.81. DONT fret about €6.81 lies when
losing €20.43 and jobs is the reality of Lisbon. Defend Workers rights
Vote No = Status Quo, “out to dry” not possible. not legal. not in a
plan B as there is no plan B. We need unity of the workers of europe /
ireland / manchester to stand up to the gobshites that crashed the
world economy with the very POLICIES of neo liberal Lisbon.

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