Carbon Tax: Climate change as well as regime change begins at home /new blog post/

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A woman with Lupas is in hospital going on 7 months now. Her husband visits her every day. He drives through 5 post codes on a 25 mile round trip. Does this couple need to pay a carbon tax? PfG says Yes. Where is the social element in that? 

The green party believe in personal carbon quotas [via ]

A carbon tax also gives the right long-term signal to markets. This will provide consistency to our domestic economy while internationally, prices are likely to continue to oscillate dramatically in the next few years. 
The Green Party also believes that the introduction of individual carbon quotas, which could be set up under new national and international rationing systems, will be needed to tackle the climate change crisis. Such tradable carbon quotas leave it to the individual and the market to decide how and when they use carbon in their everyday lives and allow for an efficient and orderly change over to the post-carbon future.

so this couple can trade their excessive carbon use by paying for it on a carbon market ie. another tax. Where is the social element in that? 

tax should be progressive and universal. tax income tax wealth tax corporations massive profits. all carbon taxes will not be fair. they will hit the worst off the most. 

Leaving it to the market or the individual & the market is what caused the Irish property bubble & the current major economic difficulties. The market has no soul, it is a trading system for the rich to get richer on profits. We need a plan, the plan needs a mandate and the mandate needs a new government of the people to exercise it. Climate change as well as regime change begins at home. (and their mudguard Green Party)  

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