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My new banner head on the blog is not just about funky design, it is the radio glass as one would view through it looking out on the world. Metaphorically speaking or not radio still offers one of the best outward looking world views.

via MW SW LW internet streaming radio & podcasting and via the much unloved radio transponders of the Clarke Belt radio crackles and bubbles news from corners of the world closer to conflict that we are.

My first ever perma post I put online was in 1995 called global warning and was all about media slant, long before blogging was a glint in any one’s eye.¬† Since then the net itself has assisted in the democratisation on media but only if it is used.

News is made and two thing happen, its reported by large media or agency and fed to the filter of the subordinate network where it is edited to suit local consumption including the cutting room floor or blatant censorship. Or its reported locally where the news happened, and by its neighbours, likewise this news is slanted for its intended output, no surprise there.

But what happens when the later is received far beyond its intended audience / geography and sampled and mixed with the available western/first world (for want of a better word) view point. You get a mash up of the story that was never intended, conflicting stories about conflict.

This has me working steadily in the background on two new media / programming  ideas that could end up on podcast or stream or both. News Views Information Slant Bias Censorship Рthe listener decides no additional slant added. Based on an original idea of SW on FM via RadioActive 101FM Dublin (credit to the station 1992-1996)

When they hatch they will be plugged here. subscribe today.