[Rpt] RTÉ 252LW off air temporarily

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rte say no one /very few complain or notice when their AM services are off air. perhaps those that do notice have no faith in reporting it to RTE! I have to add that MW 2nd helpings closed today and will not be split on LW with FM/DAB/SAT – it will be on RTE Choice in 4 cities (if you can get it) otherwise it said goodbye today.

first blogged Saturday, September 8th, 2007
RTE are still testing 252LW with Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) signal beyond the end of publicly stated tests. They tested up to 6am on Saturday the 8th September and stopped leaving a silent carrier until 12:09 pm (6 hours later) when the 252LW tx was switched off. It returned two minutes later with RTE Radio 1 programming midway through the MF Sunday Show. This i live blogged in my micro blog on twitter. [1] [2]

photos of 252LW