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What I still love about podcasting is the edge it still has over broadcasting. podcasters media is on demand. broadcasters media is post air archive. Subtle difference that will blur more as podcasters lose that edge. But as we lose that edge we can broadcast more, not in real time or any time but all the time cheaply and without transmitters.

I just got sent a twitter message about TCP Show 004: Coaching Versus Mentoring now I can listen now or later, listen a bit now more later, subscribe to it on my podcast player of bookmark it. What I do not have to do is think, when is this on, am i in the same time zone, will i listen live or record, where is the recorder, is it full etc.

For all the right reasons podcasting is radio, but too many people associate that with AM/FM. Radio content is what alot of audio podcasts are like and that’s what they will replace.

Next Saturday I will be podcasting 3 years, in May i will 23 years on/off and in love with radio. I may have been preoccupied by the medium wave closure at RTE for the past weeks, but these changes bad and good amount to a changing industry.

Some new stations that are on DAB are arguably no worse or better than your own hard disk of music, and if you could deliver your home hard disk of music from home to street to car then why on earth would you want these new services (you want radio for what you can’t get from a hard disk). 2 years ago the doop corporate server had equal capacity to the bleeding edge storage of a 5th Gen iPod. Such devices with more capacity than average music ownership allows for short term choice, in the end I feel that DJs who were unstoppable tippers are still needed. Perhaps their xml suggestions will be pushed by the Metro News (website) via the free sheet to gain your attention as the WashOverMe airwaves diminish as a medium of influence.

one thing the online radio and podcasters must steal from the broadcast radio guys is marketing. Radio enjoyed its pride of platform, the oxygen of publicity (so toxic then kept the provos off the air under section 31) was their ever reaching radio dial or 6 button TV set. As channels go from 6 tv stations to 60 radio stations to 600 home shopping channels to 6,000 internet radio streams to 60,000 podcasts the divisible cake for making money is long gone, (unless you are building walled gardens like DAB) but so to is market penetration, you may have the walled garden but the kids are outside spraying and pissing on your walls, with so few listeners so thinly spread into units so small they are harder to market, and its a few select dinosaurs that have spectrum worth the propaganda that may battle for audience with the young agile trend setters with enough clout to reach the thin layers of audience all networks will have to be happy with.

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